General Rules

  The parents are requested to check the School Diary daily.

  The School Diary must be brought to the school every day.

 Students should be regular and punctual in attending the school.

  Students will not be sent home before time, except on a written request from the Parents/Guardians. The request may be granted by the principal for valid reasons only.

  The school is not responsible for the loss of money, jewellery or any valuable article in the school.

  A student suffering from contagious disease should not be sentto the school till the student is completely free from infection.A fitness certificate from the doctor should be submitted to the Principal when the student is sent to the school after recovery from such diseases.

  Every child should bring healthy food such as chapatti, puri, idli or any other home-made item. Bringing chips, biscuits or any fast food items is not encouraged.

  The use of plastics in the school premises is prohibited.

  The students should be taken home within half an hour after the school closes. Parents should instruct their children not to go with anybody other than their guardians.

  No one is allowed to visit the class room, see students or meet the teachers during school hours, except on fourth Saturday at 11.15 - 11.45pm. In case of any emergency permission should be sought from the principal.

  The school should be notified in case of change in the address or contact number of the parents/guardians

  All students are expected to keep up the good name of the school by their good performance and behaviour. Disobedience or conduct, injurious to the moral tone of the school justifies dismissal on the spot. In less serious cases two official warnings will be given to the students before the final step is taken.

  Any damage to the school property is to be made good by the student concerned or by the class responsible for it.

 When students leave the classroom the lights and fans must be switched off.Students are expected to maintain silence on the corridors. Running, shouting or talking loudly inside the school building during class hours is not allowed.

  Politeness and courtesy of speech are to be maintained. Spilling ink,littering papers, scribbling on school desks or walls, stealing or damaging other students’ belongings or school property will be liable to punishment to the extent of a heavy fine to cover the damage, a suspension or even a dismissal.

  No leave of absence is granted except on prior written application from parents or guardians and only for valid reasons.

  All are expected to attend school on the closing and the reopening day before and after each vacation.