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St. Arnold`s Convent School

Vision Mission Goals

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Vision: To enable a holistic development and to empower the students to be a light to the global world.

Mission: To work together to optimize all resources towards excellence in students and integral development of each individual leading them to responsible citizenship.

• To foster God-self-consciousness and a sense of gratitude.
• To create and sustain favourable teaching- learning atmosphere.
• To develop the entire person; mind, heart and body.
• To train the mind to analyze rather than to memorize.
• To enable the students to grow to be responsible leaders with competence and commitment to society and the world at large.
• To give preference and priority for the children of tribal and migrant workers.
• To foster harmonious living and to promote integrity among the ‘Arnoldites’ belonging to different linguistic, religious and cultural groups
• To instill a strong civic sense by coming to love and appreciate one’s own culture as well as the cultural heritage of our country.
• To inculcate and encourage positive values with emphasis on respect for human life, dignity of labour, justice, love, peace and care of the Earth.