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Welcome to St.Arnold`s Convent School

St. Arnold`s Convent School was established in the year 2007. A leading CBSE unaided minority educational institutions in Jharsuguda, the prime purpose of the institution is education for all. Besides intellectual growth, the School fosters all round growth and development of students to their fullest potential which will guide them to develop a sound value system inculcating in them a deep love and appreciation for their culture and country. The school tries to create an ambience in which the students will find scope within their own cultural milieu, to reflect on their life and to develop not only in knowledge and skill but also in wisdom.
St. Arnold’s Convent School is established and administered by Pabitra Atma Sebika Sangh Society, known as Holy Spirit Sisters.

Patron–St.Arnold Janssen

The Society of Pabitra Atma Sebika Sangh was founded by St. Arnold Janssen, a German Catholic Priest, on 8th December 1889 in Steyl, Netherlands. A teacher by profession, He was a visionary who dreamed high in life and worked towards its accomplishment. Trust in God at all times was the most outstanding quality that he held. His parents were good models who taught him to live the will of God and to be true to oneself and others. He lived and worked for the good of humanity. He was a man of will-power and determination. He is a good model for us to lead a fruitful and meaningful life. A man of Vision, St. Arnold found three International Societies for both men and women, who wish to dedicate their service to the world. Walking in his footsteps we, the management and staff are engaged in multifarious activities to build a society of wholesomeness.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.